Providing grief support since 1999

No matter how long a pet lives with us, the time will never be enough.


We need your help.....

Do you love to knit/crochet/loom, do you have odds and ends of wool that you have no use for....WELL...Ontario Pet Loss (OPL) is seeking people to knit 10"x10" squares, or donate your left over wool.

We will take your squares and create a lovely blanket/afghan to provide comfort to the homeless and their pet during the cold season.

We will collect your squares all year long.  We have a team of knitters who will take the squares and create a memorable blanket/afghan for someone in need.

Please email for information/drop off/pick up

Thank you for your support.

Help us with our mission to help the homeless


Donate a pair of socks, scarf, mitts and hat and OPL (Ontario Pet Loss)

will add a bag of dog food/treats and blanket to aid in homeless and their pet during the cold season.