No matter how long a pet lives with us, the time will never be enough.



If you are.........

  • ​feeling lost without your pet
  • finding that family and friends fail to understand or attempt to minimize your loss
  • wondering if it is too soon to get another pet
  • still grieving for a pet you had some time ago
  • considering euthanasia


 …then the Ontario Pet Loss Support Group can help you. Losing your companion animal can be an extremely difficult and painful experience. We offer caring, compassionate understanding of your loss, through phone support, meetings and Facebook.

Many people suffer alone when they lose a pet or faced with making euthanasia decisions.  They feel alienated because others don’t understand. The Ontario Pet Loss Support Group provides a safe, comfortable environment where we offer support and coping mechanisms in dealing with grief.



The mission of Ontario Pet Loss Support Group is to provide people who are struggling with the death of a beloved companion animal with somewhere to turn to for support: to educate the general public about the depth and importance of the human/companion animal bond and the grief process, as well as to establish other similar support groups.

The loss of a pet is traumatic event. Many people do not realize how important they can be to us and can not understand the pain we feel when they die.  We invite you to join our group and connect with others who have been touched forever by the love of a precious pet, a beloved family member.